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Training is a key safety process. Management and employees will learn new information, relearn and reinforce existing safety knowledge and skills and most importantly have time to think and consider which new options can assist them in improving their safety at work.

Occupational Health and Safety Training

Keys of Training Include:

  • Assess – What are the risks and hazards?
  • Plan – How do I protect myself?
  • React – What should I do during an emergency?
  • Inquire – Where do I get more information?


Legislation, both provincial and federal, requires employers to provide safety training to all their employees and teams. CEC Health & Safety will ensure your organization is in compliance with all First Aid and Safety Training regulations required for your specific industry.  Training provided by CEC Health & Safety is done so in accordance with WorkSafeBC.

Safety Training

We provide our clients with knowledge and skills to reduce injury, prevent time loss and increase wellness through industry leading education and training.
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Construction Safety Officer

CEC Health & Safety’s challenging and fast-paced Construction Safety Officer* instruction will enhance the participant’s knowledge and skillset in the field of construction safety.
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At CEC Health & Safety we provide a variety of First Aid & Safety Training programs to assist our valued clients in creating a safer workplace by delivering professional safety and first aid training courses to ensure consistent, measurable, positive results.