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Safety Audits & Inspections

Effective safety audit & inspections are important incident/accident Safety Auditsprevention tools that can be utilized to evaluate different safety features during a project. The goal of reducing accidents, eliminating non-compliance, recognizing and dealing with hazards and overall improvement of personal safety will be met.

The concept behind a safety audit and/or safety inspection is to ensure that both the employer and employee are safe, that unsafe hazards are identified and that non-compliance issues are addressed.

The objective of a safety audit & inspection is to identify and, if possible, improve an environment making it a safer and less threatening place for employers and employees to work. The result will ensure that safety needs are implemented throughout the worksite.

A safety audit is a simple yet powerful tool. The strength of a safety audit lies in each employer’s and employee’s direct experience as the expert in his or her own work area.

CEC Health & Safety  provides a well-structured safety audit system for our clients.