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Site Specific Safety Management Plans (SSSMP)


What is a Site Specific Safety Management Plan (SSSMP)? Do I need to have one? I have an Occupational Health & Safety Program, will that be enough?

WorkSafeBC requires that each contractor prepares a detailed document aka SSSMP that assesses the site/project hazards, identifies the scope of work, provides other trades with safety procedures and guidelines, identifies the emergency/first aid requirements and much more.

What is the difference between an OHS program and a SSSMP? Safety Manual

Good question! An OSH program is a definite plan of action designed to prevent accidents, address organizational hazards and occupational diseases. It’s an organizational health and safety program that encompasses the organizational safety goals and actions. It is different than a SSSMP which is project specific

A SSSMP is a complete and comprehensive document comprised of all the elements that make up the requirements needed to implement and control an effective safety management plan for new and existing projects.  It is a communication tool between subcontractors and main contractors that should be completed before starting a construction project. When used correctly, the SSSMP ensures that relevant site information is regularly updated and safety is monitored.

CEC Health & Safety has been developing Site Specific Safety Management Plans (SSSMP) for over 15 years; way before they were even a known site/project document. We develop SSSMPs for a wide variety of business sectors covering everything from office environments to construction and manufacturing sites.

CEC’s SSSMPs are formatted to reflect each of our client’s project specific scopes of work. A site visit is conducted; and an overall project hazard and risk ID assessment is completed to ensure the “site specific” element is met. Our SSSMP covers sixteen (16) major sections and has approximately twenty (20) site specific forms.




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