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On-Site Safety Support


On-Site Safety OfficersSite Safety Officers play a very important role in all types of industries and projects. They ensure that all safety aspects of the project(s) are being monitored, maintained and implemented while following Health and Safety Acts, Policies, Regulations, Codes and Practices as they apply to the construction industry.

All CEC Health & Safety Site Safety Officers hold valid Construction Safety Officer (CSO) and First Aid Attendant certificates.  They have received internal Site Safety Coordination training* and have been carefully screened to ensure that the best possible officers are available to our clients.

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As indicated by WorkSafeBC, a qualified Site Safety Coordinator (SSC) is required under section 20.3 Coordination of Multiple Employer Workplaces, for the purpose of ensuring that coordination of health and safety activities as well as hazards are addressed throughout the duration of the work activities.

Our Site Safety Officers provide our clients with the training, education, and field experience required to perform the duties of:

  • Construction Safety Officers (CSO)
  • Site Safety Coordination (SSC)
  • Occupational First Aid Attendants

The Site Safety Officer(s) work closely with our clients regarding the site management on both new and ongoing projects.

*As per WorkSafeBC Part 20.3(2)(a)(i) the owner, or if the owner engages another person to be the prime contractor, then that person must; appoint a qualified coordinator for the purpose of ensuring the coordination of health and safety activities for the location, and provide up-to-date information readily available on site.


Looking for a Site Safety Officer?  Call us.  We have Site Safety Officers ready to contract out to your site.
Our Site Safety Officers are flexible to travel to various remote locations across Canada.

Hazards are present in almost every work setting!

Health and Safety Training Personel

The Site Safety Officers responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining the proper documents, standard operating procedures and manuals required by the provincial and federal governments. The construction safety officer audits the documents and ensures that the items are up to date and in order.
  • Performing regular worksite safety inspections throughout the assigned work area on a routine basis. Participating in the development of Site Specific Safety Programs.
  • Providing consultative advice to all project site personnel on the interpretation of provincial and federal Regulations.
  • Communicating regularly with Manager and Project Superintendents in determining site safety needs and acting as a technical safety resource.
  • Providing assistance to Management with matters related to injured workers WorkSafe BC claims and graduated return-to-work programs.
  • Monitoring worker compliance with the client’s Occupational Health & Safety program.
  • Conducting on-site orientations.
  • Liaising, as required by the client, with other organizations, regulatory bodies, relevant authorities, as well as assisting and cooperating with audits and remedial actions.
  • Conducting inspections and audits to identify and manage hazards and to monitor compliance with the client’s Safe Work Practices and Health and Safety regulations.
  • Playing a key role in the readiness of all safety equipment, as well as training and auditing all key personnel in the correct and safe use of all safety equipment and systems.
  • Assisting management in the development and implementation of practical hazard identification programs.
  • Participating in and coordinating on-site Health & Safety meetings as requested by the client on a monthly basis at various locations of responsibility.
  • Providing leadership and guidance on safety practices and hazards, and communicating findings from all investigations to all employee and management as necessary.
  • Assisting clients with work place training programs to ensure procedures are in place for an effective Emergency Response Plan.
  • Assisting with first-aid activities and emergencies. The Site Safety Officers conduct periodic audits to ensure that all first-aid requirements and medical equipment are in place or practice, according to legislated requirements.
  • Reviewing all on-the-job injuries/illnesses, accidents and incidents and assisting Managers and Supervisors in departmental investigations. Site Safety Officers will direct all contact and follow-up communication with WorkSafe BC as required.
  • Assisting in the development of Occupational Health & Safety programs for clients.