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Hazard & Risk Assessment

A hazard is defined as:

Hazard and Risk Assesement

“A condition, event, or circumstance that could lead to, or contribute to an unplanned or undesirable event.”

A hazard analysis will consider system state; for example, operating environment, as well as failures or malfunctions.

In order to qualify expected accident costs before the fact, the potential consequences of an accident and the probability of occurrence must be considered.

At CEC Health & Safety we provide our clients with hazard assessment and analysis providing identification, studies and monitoring of any hazard to determine its potential, origin, characteristics and behaviour. By providing this service we eliminate the probability of unexpected hazardous events taking place during the project. This elimination allows our clients to succeed in meeting their project goals.


A hazard analysis is a process used to assess risk. The result of a hazard analysis is the identification of unacceptable risks and the selection process for means of controlling or eliminating risks.