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Occupational Health & Safety Programs / Safety Management Systems

Occupational Health & Safety Programs / Safety Management Systems

The purpose of an Occupational Health and Safety Program and/or Safety Management System is to safety prgorams prevent injuries and occupational diseases and to deal effectively with any accidents or incidents that occur. CEC Health & Safety provides our clients with one-on-one consultations that will determine if the client is required to have an OHS / SMS program in place or whether an Employee Handbook illustrating employee’s duties, company values & policies and safety responsibilities is acceptable.

The elements of an effective OHS / SMS program will identify hazards in the workplace and will eliminate or minimize the potential for injuries, disease or loss of life. It will also limit financial losses from injuries and disease and will be monitored to ensure that it meets its goals and Provincial legislations.

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By implementing a customized safety program, we assist our clients in complying with legislative Occupational Health & Safety Regulations.


 OH&S in a Box

Does your workforce have less than 20 workers?  If yes, then OH&S in a Box is the answer for you!

Safety does NOT have to be burdensome or expensive – With OH&S in a Box, you can


According to the Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, it’s the employer’s responsibility

to implement an occupational health and safety (OHS) program to prevent workplace injury and disease.

A formal OHS program is required where there is:

    • A workforce of 20 or more workers, and at least one workplace at which there is a moderate or high risk of  injuryOH&S


    • A workforce of 50 or more workers

    A business with a smaller workforce requires a less formal OHS program.

    OH&S in a Box            

    Is a comprehensive, customizable, “how-to guide” designed to help you create or improve any company’s safety plan. OH&S in a Box consists of procedures, checklists, definitions and forms that are easily customizable for any company regardless of the industry.

    Easy to follow checklists, samples of forms, and a broad form selection allow you, the employer, to select the sections of this manual that pertain to your individual company needs while meeting compliance requirements.

    Well-researched, clear procedures give you the information, definitions and methods of execution required to prepare your own safety plan at a fraction of the cost of employing a consulting firm.

    Purchase OH&S in a Box and customize it yourself or ask us about having our safety administrators customize it for you.