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Health & Safety Management

A management system improves a company’s ability to both identify and remove hazards which should naturally result in a decrease in health & safety risks at the workplace.

Implementing an organizational health and safety management system does not need to be a daunting task.  Management system implementation is a practice that helps organization continually improve their health, safety and environmental performance. Whether your company is small or large a custom health and safety management system will allow for a continuous cycle of planning, implementing, checking, financial savings and improvement of overall safety culture.

CEC Health & Safety’s team of certified and accredited safety professionals specialize in all industry sectors including municipal, commercial, industrial, construction, mining and oil & gas.

CEC’s Safety Management is done in accordance with local regulatory bodies and CSA: Z1000-06.

An effective health and safety management system will focus on 8 main components:

  1. Identification and analysis of health and safety hazards at the work siteSafety Programs
  2. Control measures to eliminate or reduce the risks of hazards to workers
  3. Clearly demonstrated management commitment and written company policy
  4. Worker competency and training
  5. Inspection program
  6. Emergency response planning
  7. Incident reporting and investigation
  8. Management system administration

If you could save money, improve productivity, and increase employee morale, would you?

Improving health and safety measures at the workplace can result in improved attendance and reduced sick leave.

Save money on the direct costs of absence. These include:

  • paying the salary of the absent employee
  • overtime incurred by other employees covering for the absent employee
  • loss of output incurred by the absent employee.

Save money on the indirect costs of absence. These include:

  • the time taken for a replacement to learn the new role and become productive
  • possible diminished services and product quality
  • loss of business, continuity and reputation
  • recruiting temporary or replacement staff
  • training and providing support to other staff

The sooner you take positive action to reduce absence, the sooner your sick employee can return to work successfully and get on with helping you build your business.


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